Virtual Visit Information

We are happy to now offer the ability for a virtual visit with your doctor.

We use to provide this service.

If you choose to schedule a virtual visit this is how it would work.

You get our labs done prior to the visit as normal.

Make sure you have a computer with one of the following web browsers Chrome/FireFox/Safari or use your android phone or iPhone

One of our medical assistants will call you prior to your visit time and go over any medication changes and other pre-visit questions.

At your visit time you will receive a link to the visit.

Make sure you choose yes to allow access to your camera and microphone.

If there is any co-pay due for your visit you will be asked to make a payment by credit card at this time.

You will then be connected with your physician for your visit.

If you would like to make a virtual visit appointment or change an already scheduled visit to a virtual one please call our office at 817-336-5060

You can also click on this link when it is time for your visit

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to register or download anything?

No! You do not have to register or download anything. You grant access to your camera and microphone and enter the patients name… that is it.

Can I be seen earlier?

 It is possible. If you check in early you might be able to be seen earlier – it just depends on how the Physicians schedule is moving that day. You are welcome to check in to the virtual waiting room anytime that day of your appointment and we will let you know if you can be seen earlier or not.

Can I do a test run?

 Absolutely! Click on the link above‚ but instead of entering the patients name enter “test” or something silly – so we know you are just taking a peek.